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Join me while I explore watercolor and sketching! I'm new to this, having never thought of myself as "artistic"! (I'm having a blast, as I learn!)

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30 years in dentistry lead to early retirement, to be my husband's caregiver. He passed away February 10th, 2008. I am thankful I found art then, as it continues to help me now.

September 30, 2006

Leaf Lesson

This week's sketching class focused on "near and far" and "in and out". I learned tips on how to help my drawings become more three dimensional. Whatever is closer should have a "primary mark" or darker line, while things further away are lighter, fading into "secondary marks". To accentuate a point, or a dip, make it darker. When one line intersects another, it should be darker as well. Light shading can bring out the dips, keeping the bump light. Shading can also connect the object to the ground, or bring out the space beneath the object.
These seemingly simple and small little tips can change a drawing so much! The more I learn, the better my sketching becomes!


Anonymous Just Plain Jane said...

You've been skilled at sketching for a long while, Nancy, but I guess there are always new things to learn. I really like your fall leaf, or I guess it's a "fall" leaf, unless you picked it off the tree.

2:19 PM  

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