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Join me while I explore watercolor and sketching! I'm new to this, having never thought of myself as "artistic"! (I'm having a blast, as I learn!)

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30 years in dentistry lead to early retirement, to be my husband's caregiver. He passed away February 10th, 2008. I am thankful I found art then, as it continues to help me now.

January 21, 2007

Santa Rosa Creek

This is my favorite spot on a drive near Cambria that we often take when our English friends come to visit. I chose this scene to for their Christmas painting, and hoped I could do it justice. I was thrilled when Sheila recognized the location within seconds of removing the wrapping paper! That was the ultimate compliment for me! Harvey said it will always take him back to that place in his mind when he looks at the painting. I am thrilled that I was able to put my brush on to a blank white sheet of paper and make this, a person who could only draw a stick figure, with quite a bit of effort! I'm chuffed, as the British say!


Blogger jane humphrey said...

Chuff along, m'dear...... you deserve to be very proud. I'm so glad you've taken up this new interest and continue to hone your skills. You're really good!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Wendee said...

Wow - - this is great! More! More! We'll be waiting for more! :)

10:30 PM  

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